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Both Ferrous and Non Ferrous scrap metals are commodities that are openly sold and traded on major worldwide exchanges.  Grades of Ferrous material such as Heavy Melting Steel 1 (HMS1) and Non Ferrous material such as Copper, Aluminum, and Lead each have published pricing which are used in calculations to determine the value of unprocessed scrap metals.

Mid City has been buying raw scrap metal and processing it for commercial use and trading for over 65 years.  We have built a reputation for consistently paying fair market values because we buy, process, and ship everyday.  This constant movement ensures that we track the market closely providing our customers the assurance that they are receiving the best possible value for their material in the market they are selling in.

No gimmicks, stories, or hedge bets, just good old fashion fair business.  Mid City Scrap will continue to work towards being able to offer the highest price paid for scrap metal in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Most importantly we know that our greatest value is offering exceptional customer service regardless of market prices.

Mid-City Scrap Iron, located in Westport, MA, has forged long-standing relationships with our customers within the Southern New England area. We purchase scrap metals and materials from independent contractors, municipalities, Fortune 500 companies as well as pay cash on the spot to the general public. These relationships are a testimony to our company values and competitive pricing.

Our company handles all of the scrap metals and materials we receive in an environmentally responsible manner, complying fully with current industry legislation.


Dealer Scrap Prices & Services

If you are representing a business, municipality, or have large quantities of scrap metal, please contact us or call (774)319-5421 to speak to an authorized purchasing agent who will provide you with our highest dealer level pricing available for your material.  Mid City Scrap also provides extended roll off and indoor container service as well complete trucking and logistics.


Public Cash Prices

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Mid City Scrap has been providing “cash for scrap metal” service to the public since 1951.  We are committed to providing a transparent, efficient, and professional environment for all our customers.  We welcome anyone with a valid photo ID to visit us at 548 State Rd. , Westport, MA and be paid cash via our automatic cash dispensing machine for their scrap metal.

Mid City Scrap publishes our public level prices for Cast Iron , #1 Prepared Steel & Unprepared Steel, Light Iron, Copper , Brass, Aluminum, & Lead.

Please allow Mid City Scrap to set the standard for your scrap metal recycling experience.

For questions or more information on any of our services please contact us or call (774)319-5420.




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