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Corporate Responsibility

Mid-City Scrap works within our local community to improve and increase recycling projects, providing “green jobs” for local residents through the support of area businesses and suppliers. Our entire workforce is committed to provide the highest standard of quality and service to our clients, creating an extremely motivated work environment of loyal, long-standing employees. To ensure the safety, health and welfare of our staff, we invest in both our workforce and our infrastructure continually.

  • Health & Safety – Each year we institute a comprehensive health and safety plan as a means of improving communications, training and overall performance. Through our annual educational outreach, auditing and reviews, we are able to reinforce safety practices at Mid-City Scrap and gather essential data that will help us to make improvements and ensure that we continue to achieve high standards of excellence.
  • New Technology – Mid-City Scrap invests regularly in our machinery, vehicles and facilities, keeping our equipment running at optimum efficiency. We stay on top of new developments and industry standards to guarantee that we are using the best available technologies and tools.
  • Environmental Standards – Adhering to a high level of environmental standards is a primary focus at Mid-City Scrap. To ensure that we continue to operate at the highest possible environmental standards, Mid-City Scrap operates an environmental consultancy that implements a comprehensive network of disciplines and methods. To reduce our traffic movements on local roads, Mid-City Scrap transports by rail whenever possible and to assist with the inbound and outbound material management needs of our customers, we also provide warehousing services.
  • Carbon Emissions – Our metal recycling facility works every year to help us reduce CO2 gasses from our local region. The ultimate goal of recycling is to reduce waste, conserve natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions from the environment. For every 10 million tons of metals recycled, the equivalent of the average CO2 emissions from 4.5 million households is saved. Our goal is to maximize recycling rates within the area and eventually become a zero waste company, providing our own “green energy” for sustainability.

Continuing our decades-long history of operating a company that is both sustainable and ethical is very important to Mid-City Scrap Iron & Salvage. Our goal is to always work responsibly within the community and to perform our services safely and efficiently. Mid-City Scrap has committed to operating a socially responsible company, adhering to standards that work to protect our local community, employees and the environment.

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