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Ferrous Scrap Metal: How to Sell Scrap Metal in Westport, MA

Ferrous Scrap Metal: How to Sell Scrap Metal in Westport, MA

ferrous-scrapOne of the most common types of scrap metal that is brought to the local recycling facility to sell scrap metal in Westport is ferrous material. Ferrous scrap is a metal that contains iron. It can be quickly identified by even the most novice scrapper by its ability to draw a magnet. Ferrous scrap usually makes up the bulk of any scrapper’s scrap metal collection and is found in a variety of different forms. Each scrap yard will break down the ferrous metal based on the different grades or categories that it falls into.

Some of these grades include:

  • light iron
  • mixed cast iron
  • automotive cast (rotors, drums, etc.)
  • #1 steel
  • light iron
  • sheet iron
  • prepared/unprepared plate and structural steel
  • #2 bailing
  • torching
  • sealed units

Each type of ferrous metal has different properties, applications and values. As you learn about collecting scrap metal and become more experienced in knowing how to sell scrap metal for the most value, you will come to know these values as a matter of course. For example, automotive cast iron is usually worth more than mixed cast iron because of its strength and durability. Mixed cast iron is used in different ways, such as pipes for water and sewage, furnaces and household radiators.

Automotive cast must be exclusively the cylinder heads, engine block, rotors and drums with no other metals attached in order to get paid at the higher rate when you sell scrap metal in Westport. That means the rotors and drums must be separated from the axles with all of the bolts taken off and removed. All steel parts, including springs and pistons, must be removed from engine blocks and cylinder heads.

Another example would be prepared or unprepared plate and structural steel. This type of ferrous scrap refers to angle iron, bars and rounds, channel, I-beams, steel plates, square tubing and strips. When you take this type of scrap metal collection to be sold, you will typically get a higher value than for sheet iron, with payouts varying based on whether the material is prepared or unprepared.

Plate and structural steel graded ferrous scrap must be free of any contamination. Prepared plate must be no larger than four feet in length and two feet in width. Unprepared plate would be any type of steel in this grade that is larger than the maximum allowed length and width for prepared scrap of this type.

Sheet iron is by far the most common type of ferrous scrap that is seen when collecting scrap metal. Any ferrous scrap that does not fall into any other category is considered sheet iron. Sheet iron can have a maximum ten percent contamination due to the presence of materials such as glass, rubber, plastic, wood or insulation and can consist of hot water tanks, stoves, dryers, washers and auto parts, such as doors, hoods and fenders.

Before bringing appliances to your local facility, learn how to sell scrap metal according to that facility’s rules and requirements, which can be set according to local, state or federal disposal standards. All refrigeration units must have the CFCs reclaimed and the compressors removed for proper recycling. In some cases, sealed barrels and tanks must be cut in half to verify that they do not contain hazardous materials. Again, contact Mid City if you aren’t sure what to do with any part of your scrap metal collection.

Other Types of Ferrous Scrap
In addition to these most common types of ferrous scrap, there are other types of materials listed by grade that you should know when you are collecting scrap metal. The value of each will depend on the size, quantity and quality, as well as the going rate when you come to sell scrap metal in Westport. For more tips on how to sell scrap metal, keep reading this blog and check out the guide called “How to Scrap” on our primary website.

  • TORCHING – steel that is too thick to be shredded and must be “torched” to be recycled; worth less than sheet iron due to processing costs and includes steel over six inches thick that does not qualify as structural or plate
  • #2 BAILING – steel that contains no contaminants, such as insulation, rubber or plastic; includes products such as fencing, shelving, pallet racking and conduit; worth more than sheet iron due to its quality
  • SEALED UNITS – as it sounds, this includes appliances and machine units that are sealed, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers and vending machines; if you aren’t sure how to handle these units, speak with an operator at Mid City Scrap for tips on how to deal with this type of scrap metal collection

Where to Sell Scrap Metal in Westport
As you might have guessed, we recommend that you take your scrap metal collection to Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage. As you are learning how to sell scrap metal, take special care to visit our website for tips and guides on how the scrap metal collection and sales process operates so you won’t get caught off-guard on your first trip to our facility. Collecting scrap metal can be a very lucrative part or full time business, depending on your dedication to learning the trade, the value of the various types of metals and your ability to sell scrap metal in Westport at the best rates possible.

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