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Fall River Scrappers Make Extra Cash Collecting & Recycling Aluminum Cans and Bottles

Fall River Scrappers Make Extra Cash Collecting & Recycling Aluminum Cans and Bottles

extra-cash-recyclingDid you know that it’s possible to earn cash recycling in Massachusetts? Collecting aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other types of scrap metal can be very profitable, earning you extra cash or helping you to save for something you want to buy. There are many benefits to recycling aluminum cans and learning how to recycle plastic bottles. This article will serve as a guide to help you maximize your earning potential when you take your recycled items to your local scrap metal recycling center in Westport, MA.

How to Recycle in Massachusetts
About 30 years ago, the State of Massachusetts enacted an economic incentive to encourage consumers to return used beverage containers. The primary benefits of this program is to improve conservation efforts throughout the state, helping to recycle and reuse product materials to reduce landfill waste.

The type of beverages covered under the Beverage Container Recovery Law include carbonated soft drinks, malt liquor, beer and mineral water. The type of containers covered include recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles as well as any seal-able bottle, can, jar or carton made of these materials.

A five cent deposit is required at the time of purchase for these products to cover the cash paid at your local scrap metal recycling center in Westport when you recycle your cans and bottles. All you need to do is bring your recovered bottles and cans to Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage and follow the recycling directions at the center to receive your cash reward.

History of Recycling Aluminum Cans & Bottles
In 1971, the state of Oregon became the first state to enact a bottle deposit legislation. The governor at the time, a Mr. Thomas Lawson McCall, created bottle deposit laws that would put a value on each container that was sold. The idea was that consumers would pay the deposit at the time of purchase and then get their money back when they returned the empty container.

Unfortunately, many people continued to discard their empty containers instead of learning to recycle plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans to get their money back. What happened was that other people who were taking advantage of the recycling program started collecting the empty containers and turned them in for the deposit value. Recycling eventually became a success and now most states in the United States have similar programs in place.

Where to Take Your Cans and Bottles
Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage is a scrap metal recycling center in Westport where you can take your recycled plastic bottles and aluminum cans. While you can earn cash recycling in Massachusetts at local grocery stores and deposit centers, taking your cans and scrap metal to a recycling facility like Mid City will pay better, making it worth the trip to Westport to unload your collected items. You can also bring other types of scrap metal that you have recovered as well, including steel, iron, copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

While many deposit centers have a limit as to the number of containers that can be recycled in one visit, your local scrap metal recycling center in Westport does not have any limits in place. So go ahead and feel free to bring everything you have collected in at once. Take time to sort out your ferrous and non-ferrous materials, keeping plastics and other materials separate as well for easier recycling.

What Can Be Recycled?
Not sure what types of scrap metal and recycled materials are accepted at your local scrap metal recycling center? Give Mid City a call at 1-800-334-4789 and find out. They can also give you information on recycling hours and availability, as well as tips for faster service and details on scrap metal prices and current recycling rates.

In most cases the cans and bottles that you return should be clean, empty and in good condition when you bring them in for recycling. Even if the facility doesn’t require it, it’s just a good idea anyway. This is especially true if you are collecting cans and bottles for any period of time prior to bringing them in to earn cash recycling in Massachusetts. The sticky syrup and sugars that can remain in the bottom of bottles and cans will attract insects and other pests if you aren’t careful. Always clean out your bottles and cans before storing them in a garage or recycling bin.

Start Recycling Today!
In addition to earning extra cash for yourself, collecting deposit aluminum cans and bottles is also a great way to raise money for organizations, such as youth groups, churches and other programs or services. Volunteers can help gather and recycle plastic bottles and members or other participants can help by recycling aluminum cans and bring them in for collection.

Contact the people at your local scrap metal recycling center in Westport to find out more about the Recycling Rewards Program. Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage has launched a program that rewards local residents for every pound of scrap metal that gets recycled at their facility. Explore the website for more information or give them a call at 1-800-334-4789.

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