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Unique Places to Find Scrap Metal in Massachusetts

Unique Places to Find Scrap Metal in Massachusetts

where-to-find-scrap-metalIf you would like to start a scrapping business or just want to make money selling scrap metal, it is important to know all the best places to find scrap metal. While there are some pretty obvious places to look when collecting scrap metal to recycle for profit, with so many people getting into scrap metal recycling in Massachusetts, it is important to think “outside the box” and start trying some new locations.

Depending on where you live, whether you are in a big city like Boston or in a small town like Acushnet, you will have different local advantages over other scrappers in other areas. While big towns might have more business owners and contractors to work with in collecting scrap metal and other discarded materials, rural locations have unique opportunities, such as farms and ranches, which have a lot of great things that you can recycle for profit.


If you specialize in scrapping and recycling appliances, there are a couple of great places you can try for collecting scrap metal. Repair shops – both large and small – will often have a lot of metal parts and sometimes even whole appliances that they want to have removed from their property. Start by visiting local shops, hand out a professional business card and let them know that you’ll come by and pick up anything they want removed right away.

Set up a regular route, checking local businesses until you start to make solid connections. Post notices around town that you will pick up old appliances and consider placing a Craigslist or other type of online ad. Contact property management companies and apartment complex managers to tell them about your FREE pick up services. You might be surprised to see how many of these related businesses will be interested in using your service.


If your goal is to make money selling scrap metal that comes from automobiles, trucks and other types of vehicles, your best bet is to work directly with auto repair places as much as you can. Forging a relationship with business owners who might have car parts or engines that they don’t have space to store or time to properly dispose of can be very profitable.

Consider posting an ad on Craigslist, the Penny Saver or other local newspapers that you will pick up old vehicles for FREE. Many people have non-operational vehicles that they don’t know what to do with on their own. Some scrappers pay vehicle owners a $50-100 fee, a small investment considering all the money that can be made from scrapping a salvaged vehicle.

Construction Sites

A word of caution: do not ever take anything from a construction site even if it is in a dumpster or other type of bin without written permission, such as a bill of sale for collected items, from the foreman or site owner. A lot of theft happens at construction sites these days, especially by people who are trying to make money selling scrap metal. Copper pipes and wires are the number one target, however other scrap metal and new materials are being stolen as well.

Working with a construction company, contractor, builder or renovation company can be a win/win for you both. You are collecting scrap metal and removing it from the job site, helping the contractor clear debris so they can continue working and you have a great opportunity to recycle for profit on a much larger scale. Building relationships with construction companies is a great way to increase your scrap metal recycling in Massachusetts.


Some dumpsters are more profitable than others. However, it should be noted that you should always ask business owners before going through their dumpsters for scrap metal recycling in Massachusetts. Some will not give you permission, but most will.

Pawn shops, repair shops, auto repair shops, apartment complexes, appliance stores and other places that would deal with scrap metal are ideal choices for checking dumpsters. Computer parts, extension cords, small and large appliances, metal parts and other scrap can be collected on a regular basis from businesses like these.

Farms and Ranches

If you live in a rural area or are close to a farming area, try checking out old dump sites used by farmers and ranchers. Most every farm has a spot where they toss out old garbage, dump old cars and other items.

Make sure to speak with the property owner to get permission to pick in these areas before you go on their land. Old fencing, farm machinery, mechanical parts, tools and other types of equipment can be collected from most farms and ranches.


Making friends with plumbers, HVAC repair guys and electricians is another great way to expand your business. In addition to contacting local business owners and contractors to offer your free pick up and removal services, you should also take your business cards around town to plumbing and HVAC supply shops. Speak with the manager and ask about collecting scrap metal, such as furnaces, garbage disposals, condensers, water heaters and other related appliances and parts.

If you are in a city, check with building owners about parts that get left behind by repairmen. HVAC services that repair and replace units on the roofs of buildings will often just leave parts and other items like fan motors and compressors behind that can be collected to recycle for profit. Some of these items are difficult to get down off the roof, which can make it difficult to collect, but a savvy scrapper with a box of tools can usually figure out how to do it pretty quick.


Hospitals, walk-in clinics, doctors offices and assisted living centers for senior citizens are a great resource for collecting scrap metal. Hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, appliances, lighting fixtures and even materials from remodeling projects, expansions and additions can all help in your quest to make money selling scrap metal.

The best way to build relationships with medical offices and hospitals is to stop by for a visit or make an appointment with the administrator in charge. Give them your card, explain the free pick up and removal services that you offer and do your best to make a professional impression. Many of these businesses do not know what to do with old, broken or outdated equipment and you will be providing a much needed service.

Shooting Ranges

If you have a local shooting range or public area where people go to shoot weapons, it can be an untapped gold mine of discharged brass shells. Make sure to check with the facility that handles your scrap metal recycling in Massachusetts to see if they accept contaminated brass before you spend a lot of time collecting the scrap metal.

Contact local ranges to find out if you can come by early in the morning or just before closing time to clean up all of the discharged shells. Again, you would be providing a much needed service for free to these businesses, freeing up employees that would normally be charged with cleaning up the shells to do other things.

Storage Companies

Make contact with local storage companies in your area and offer to clear out any items left behind by renters that the company wants removed from the property. You might end up with a trip to the dump for some of it, but many storage spaces will contain appliances, old bicycles, parts, tools and other equipment that is great for scrap metal recycling in Massachusetts.

You can also contact people who are involved in storage auctions. In many cases they will buy abandoned storage space items at auction only to find out that they didn’t contain anything of value. Many of these individuals need help disposing of the items they don’t want and by offering your services and making yourself available, you could come away with a great haul that you can recycle for profit.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Massachusetts

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