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Where to Find Scrap Copper in Cape Cod

Where to Find Scrap Copper in Cape Cod

Cape Cod Scrap CopperFrom Plymouth to Provincetown and everywhere in between, there is scrap copper in Cape Cod just waiting to be found. The value of copper has skyrocketed in recent years, prompting more and more people to get involved in scrap metal recycling and take advantage of the increase in demand.

Copper is used in a lot of different metals and by many different industries around the globe. Because it is so widely used, the prices of copper are always higher than many other kinds of metals, making it one of the more sought after types of scrap metal recycling in Cape Cod and beyond.

A Word of Warning…

Unfortunately, because it is so popular, a rising realm of crime has cropped up with regard to copper wire, pipe and other building materials. Construction sites have had to beef up security to thwart off would-be thieves and empty, foreclosed homes are being robbed of their copper piping, with holes knocked right in through the drywall.

Because it is in such high-demand and is worth so much money, it is important for copper scrappers to ensure that they keep a record of where they collect copper items and get receipts from homeowners or businesses that contact them to remove copper items. In other words – document, document, document.

Getting Started

When it comes to figuring out where to find scrap copper in Cape Cod, your first best choice is to contact contractors, construction companies and other related businesses that gain regular access to old homes, remodel jobs and other discarded items that could potentially contain scrap copper or other types of scrap metal. Building a relationship with these businesses by offering to haul away old pipes, wires, appliances and other items from job sites, can give you a big head start on the competition.

Appliances are a great source of copper. Whenever someone replaces an old appliances with something new, they need to find a way to haul the old one off of their property. Rather than spending money to pay a company to recycle the old appliance for them, many people turn to the local newspaper, Craigslist, the Penny Saver and other resources to find scrap metal collectors who will take it away for them for free.

In return, you get the opportunity to dismantle the old appliances, separating the valuable copper from aluminum and other types of metal and recycle the whole lot at your local Southeastern Massachusetts scrap metal recycling facility. Individuals who don’t have access to a truck, the elderly, busy families, single women and many different types of businesses all welcome this type of free service.

Again, building relationships with people by providing prompt, friendly service in a clean and professional-looking vehicle will get you the best type of advertising that money can’t buy: word of mouth referrals. Leave a business card or flyer behind when you collect old appliances or other types of scrap metal and you will be surprised at how many new pick-up calls you receive as a result.

Selling Your Scrap Copper

Selling your scrap copper for cash isn’t just a great way to make money, but it is also a great way to help the local environment and contribute to the local economy. Recycling scrap metals helps to keep these materials out of the local landfills right here in Massachusetts. When scrap metals are recycled, turned into new products and reused by manufacturers, the savings get passed down to other businesses and consumers. Less energy is required to process scrap metal than raw materials, so energy is reduced, less pollution is put into the air we breathe – it’s an all around win-win situation.

You might be thinking that there aren’t a lot of places for scrap metal recycling in Cape Cod – and you would be right. The Southeastern Massachusetts scrap metal recycling facility that will give you the best prices for scrap copper is Mid-City Scrap Iron & Salvage in Westport. Mid-City Scrap has been providing recycling services to the people of Southcoast Massachusetts for over 80 years. A family owned and operated business, you can be sure that you will get the best prices for scrap copper and other scrap metals at Mid-City Scrap.

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